Dr. Charles R. Brown, photographs

The audio tour and promenade theatre performance on 12 and 13 April will be created by M.Phil students in the Irish Writing and Creative Writing programmes, and members of Players drama society. We have organised a pair of pre-workshops in March during which these students will translate the literary excerpts that we provide into the creative maps of the audio tour and promenade theatre under the guidance of a visual artist and theatre director with extensive expertise in audio installations and promenade performance. We are delighted to have confirmed the following creative arts practitioners to run these workshops:

  1. Audio Tour workshop run by Fiona Hallinan
  2. Promenade Theatre workshop run by Tom Creed

The artist Fiona Hallinan works in a number of media, and has a particular interest in collaborative projects that explore ideas of food, hospitality and education. She is a co-founder of the Department of Ultimology at Trinity, and the creator of Heterodyne, a score for driving.

Tom Creed is a theatre and opera director who has created productions for theatres and companies including the Abbey Theatre, Gate Theatre, Rough Magic, his own company Playgroup, RIAM, Opera Theatre Company, and the Lir Academy. His production of Samuel Beckett’s Watt featuring the actor Barry McGovern has been presented at many festivals and theatres around the world. As Festival Director of Cork Midsummer Festival from 2011 to 2013, he emphasised the relationship between people and place to celebrated effect.


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