Audio Tour

Thursday 13 April, 2-4pm


We have chosen to commission an audio tour for Remapping Trinity because this medium, more than any other, offers an intimate means of exploring campus that allows us to collapse the many chronologies at play in navigating Trinity. Participants will experience a narrative that draws on material ranging from 16th century maps of the college, records of the built environment and various residents on campus over the centuries, contemporary artworks on campus, and accounts by current students in Trinity of what this space means to them in the form of creative writing, musical compositions and field recordings.

This audio tour will be presented as an installation in the Neill lecture theatre from 2-4pm, on a loop so that every 30 minutes a new tour will begin.

As you listen to the audio tour, we would like you to take a copy of the 1761 Bernard Scale map of college, and trace its route on this old map. We invite you to stay and listen to the recording for as long as you like, and then to take your map and navigate college with it as your guide.


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